The Danger of Soy

by on March 31, 2010
in Nutrition

Today’s consumer is bombarded with tales of soy’s miraculous health benefits from cancer prevention to relief of menopausal symptoms. There is however a growing faction of anti-soy advocates that claim there is a danger of soy consumption. Naturally occurring compounds of the soy bean known as phytoestrogens can have the potential for both positive and negative health benefits. This article will focus on the danger of soy and how to consume soy safely.

Body Building Nutritional Supplements

If you were to walk into your local health and nutrition store looking for supplements that build muscle, you’ll probably find yourself confused and amazed at just how many products there are to choose from.  With so many supplements available, it can be a little on the tricky side to decide which ones will help you with your goals.  There are a lot of supplements out there to help you build muscle, although some may not be ideal for your goals.

Super Foods For Super Weight Loss

by on March 27, 2010
in Weight Loss

Experts say there are two basic categories of foods that can be considered “keeping it off superfoods”. These are fruits and vegetables because they fill your tummy without piling on the calories. And just what is the nutrient that gives fruits and vegetables that staying power?

In a word – Fiber. So, if fruits and vegetables are the “keeping-it-off superfood groups,” fiber may well be the “keeping-it-off super-nutrient.”

Healthful Vegetarian Diet

by on March 25, 2010
in Diet

Many people start vegetarian and vegan diets without devoting an adequate amount of time to nutritional research and meal planning. As a result, a considerable amount of people who start vegetarian diets do not last for more than 1-2 months.

Many dieters who fail to carefully research and plan complain that they lack energy – and often experience a significant loss in muscle mass. Others observe a number of other more peripheral problems that come with a poorly-planned vegetarian diet.

Antioxidant Supplements

by on March 23, 2010
in Antioxidants

A key ingredient to improving your lifestyle and living a healthy life is antioxidants. There are several antioxidant supplements out there that can help you live a healthy life, that are natural and won’t cause you any damage. You can also eat different types of food that contain antioxidants as well, although supplements are the ideal way to get the right amounts of antioxidants.

Vitamin D Benefits

by on March 20, 2010
in Vitamins

Vitamin D benefits have recently been touted in the popular press. However, it seems there is an epidemic vitamin D deficiency in the population. This is especially true for the elderly with estimates of 40 to 60% of this population being “D-ficient”. In the younger segment of the population it is postulated that up to 32% have critically low levels. These alarmingly high rates of deficiency are not surprising considering that Vitamin D synthesis in the body requires exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) light of the sun’s rays, few foods in our diet contain adequate levels of this important vitamin, aging skin is not as efficient in absorbing UV light required for its synthesis and obesity impairs its actions in the body. Deficiency in vitamin D is linked to a whole host of health problems: cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, muscle weakness to name a few.

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