Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto Combo

The combination of astaxanthin and saw palmetto offers men a “dynamic duo” for maintaining prostate health and testosterone levels. While saw palmetto has been on the market for sometime as a promoter of prostate health, astaxanthin is a relatively newcomer to the market. Now, research suggests that by combining saw palmetto with astaxanthin, the health benefits of both may be significantly increased.

This combo will be of interest to men with enlarged prostates as well as the weightlifter looking to increase testosterone levels. Middle-aged men suffering from low testosterone levels or male pattern baldness, might also benefit from this potent combo.

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Saw Palmetto and Bad Testosterone (DHT):

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a a form of testosterone that is known as “Bad Testosterone” because it can lead to male pattern baldness and prostate problems. DHT is produced in the body from testosterone (T). Saw palmetto helps to prevent DHT from forming.

Since it prevents precious testosterone from being lost to DHT it can effectively lead to an increase in T (testosterone) levels.

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Astaxanthin and Estrogen (E):

Astaxanthin was extensively reviewed in a previous post. Testosterone can be converted to the female hormone, estrogen, in men. This is especially true for middle-aged men with pot-bellies or with excessive alcohol consumption. Astaxanthin has been shown to block this process from occurring in the body.

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The Beauty of the Combo:

An analogy as to how this combo works to maintain good testosterone levels is to think of your precious T being poured into a bucket. There are some round holes on the bottom of the bucket through which your T is leaking (DHT).

Imagine Saw Palmetto being round pegs that plug the holes to prevent the leaks. Now imagine there are square holes around the top of the pail. With the addition of the Saw Palmetto, the T level rises and starts to spill through the top square holes (E). Following this analogy, astaxanthin would be the square pegs that plug the top holes preventing the spillover into estrogen.

Creating the Combo:

Well there are two approaches here. Either buy the combo supplement or buy the two supplements separately and take them together. Buying the combo supplement in most cases will cost more than buying them separately. However, it will be more convienent to take the combo as opposed to two separate pills.